Our History

Since our founding by Harry E. Rosedale in 1926, the name Monrovia has been synonymous with plants that Grow Beautifully™ . Harry Rosedale was one of the early pioneers to grow plants in containers. It was a revolutionary idea, but he saw that plants would endure less trauma and transplant better if they remained in their containers until they were ready to be planted in the landscape. The challenge was to create a soil environment that allowed the plants to flourish. We have continually improved our soil mixes, developed better irrigation systems and led the way with a series of horticultural breakthroughs resulting in extraordinarily healthy plants that will not only survive, but thrive, in home gardens. Today we grow more than 3,600 varieties and 22 million plants annually. Each one is nurtured by hand with care to assure that it truly Grow Beautifully™ .  

Monrovia Today

It’s easy to spot Monrovia plants at the garden center–not just because of our recognizable green pots; you’ll immediately see how lush and healthy they are. But it’s what is going on inside that pot that makes a difference. Each of the 4,000 plant varieties we grow is nurtured in a customized soil mix that helps develop a strong root system. Mycorrhizae are added to the soil mix–this is a “good fungus” that helps the roots absorb moisture and nutrients from the soil. Monrovia’s healthy plants will flourish in your garden and make you a more successful gardener. Monrovia has introduced hundreds of improved plant varieties that are bred to be more pest and disease resistant and/or with improved characteristics such as increased flower or fruit production, or unique color or shape. The best breeders from around the globe choose Monrovia to grow their latest fabulous plants. Monrovia is headquartered in Azusa, California. Throughout the country, we operate in different climate zones, which allows us to produce a wider variety of plants. We have nurseries in Visalia, California; Dayton, Oregon; Cairo, Georgia and Granby, Connecticut. Our regionally located nurseries allow us to provide quality plants across North America.  

Our Plants

We know gardeners are truly passionate about what they do, and we are equally passionate about introducing plants that Grow Beautifully™. We now count in our inventories over 4,000 varieties of plants and we hold more than 200 plant patents and trademarks. We are continually learning how to grow our plants more effectively while adding new plants with unique and improved features. Our plants are grown to be healthier, with a uniform structure, stronger root system and greater resistance to pests and disease. Better health is created by how we grow our plants. Many of the varieties we grow are patented plants. Why buy a patented plant? We look for new varieties that are healthier, hardier and more pest resistant; varieties that bloom more and longer. You’ll be able to reduce the use of chemicals and you’ll be a more successful gardener.  

How We Deliver

Monrovia works with Independent Garden Centers across the U.S. to provide you with the best plants. We take pride in shipping plants at the peak of their performance, working with our network of Independent Garden Centers to deliver our plants to you.

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Monrovia is committed to enhancing the beauty and value of the North American landscape - one garden at a time. By producing hardiest plants in the industry, we offer you peace of mind and quality assurance that stands behind each and every Monrovia plant.

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